Final Thievery Release Map Change Proposals

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Final Thievery Release Map Change Proposals

Postby shuggy » Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:51 pm

Bugfixes and feature addition / removal.

Korman: remove locks from the four sets of sliding doubledoors in the crypts.

Nostalgia: make the sewers viable or re-add a high-risk rooftop exit route.

Aquatone: Overhaul the lift, possibly changing to sets of stairs/ramps that lead to multiple exit doors.

Folly: gem bug / cage bug fix
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Re: Final Thievery Release Map Change Proposals

Postby Keggie » Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:21 am

most the maps are fine how they are really and changing the odd thing is kinda getting to be nitpicking as it depends on players and playstyles, but if your editing the offical maps not the fixed trap/my versions so just going for a fix patch i think some things worth considering as needed would be as follows..

what shug posted in above thread.
Skelston - Chest Peak Expliot
Stronghold - Safe Peak Expliot
Korman - Coffin Peak Expliot (gona be needed if you remove locks on doors)
Nosta - Hidden Gem Fixed
Flats - Fix Dead Spot
Breakout - Flash Map expliot on the deadspot free version
Aqua - Vent Spawn Bug, AI Climb Ladders By Lift so dont get trapped under lift
Airship - Remove Time limit, Remove 2 thief lives 4v6 not 6v6, reduce loot needed by 500/1000, Fix Door block bug
Gerome - make one of the library windows perm locked, fix ladder bug in chimmney
Warehouse - prevent 2nd exit over rooftops

me just nitpicking
CityMuseum - Lighten up Exit gates, far to easy to escape
Asylum - 8t v 10g.. never liked that 6/7 v 9
CityMuseum 7v9 -- 5/6 v 9
Folly 6v6 -- 4/5 v 6

if your using traps maps or my skelston then i would say, original flats is better, my skelston needs the blockers readding and maps back in chests with anti chest expliot removed. depends where your starting from
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Re: Final Thievery Release Map Change Proposals

Postby shuggy » Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:21 am

Using your maps and Trap's maps seems logical to me, just renaming them as Th-XXX17 - as long as you two are happy with that.

My only worry is that the new Skelts map locations might be hard to work out for new / returning players, even though it's a very elegant solution to the chest problems.
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