Thievery Cinema

H ere lie an assortment of compilations, achievement and speed videos, mainly the work of Gladius. Thanks to Brody for his continued hosting of Thievery files.

Mockers Thiefmatch: Over the shoulder view of Rodent, Gladius and Shug playing Thiefmatch on LAN.

Thievery 1.4 Done Quick: A compilation of Thievery Done Quick speed runs by official TDQ winner Gladius. [YouTube link]

Speed DM: Thievery Done Quick-inspired DeathMatch run compilation, by Gladius. [YouTube link]

Louie Clutch: A gripping last-life public server thief win by Louie on Grange, recorded by Gladius.

Louie Grange TDQ: A Thievery Done Quick entry from Louie, on Grange.

Tournament of Darkness IV: A ToD IV highlight movie edited by Gladius.

Match Videos

A  selection of Mocker videos from Tournaments of Darkness, TurfWars and guild matches remain to this day, thanks to the generous hosting and support of Brody.

TurfWars I - The Mockers vs Forsaken: Four match videos recorded and edited by Brody, on Flats and Stronghold.

Guild Match - The Mockers vs MbR: Matches across five maps, recorded and edited by Bandit (coming soon).

The Mockers vs MbR Highlights: Highlight movie edited by Shug, based on the above match recordings by Bandit.

ToD V - Rodent Highlights: A series of thief clips from the finals match of Tournament of Darkness V (coming soon).

Louie's ToD Match Video Compilation Thread: Index of ToD videos uploaded to Youtube.